Weight Loss Improves Mood and Helps Stabilize Emotions

It is assumed by many people that bad moods are part of the stresses of modern life and nothing can be done to alleviate them. However, recent research conducted by the Society for the Study of Ingested Behavior indicates that depressed people who are overweight experience mood improvement in direct correlation to weight loss.

According to the 6 month study (behavioral weight loss program) involving 51 participants, some as being diagnosed as being depressed and others not, followed a supervised weight loss program. The program followed was centered on lifestyle modifications and meal replacements. Overall, weight loss amongst the depressed participants was 8% and the average weight loss amongst the remainder was 11%.

Weight Loss Improves Mood and Alleviates Health Issues

Being overweight directly leads to many health issues including, but not limited to, depression, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, joint problems and overall self esteem. Beginning a weight loss program, such as the HCG Diet, can erase some of these life threatening situations.  With the success of a significant loss by following the HCG protocol, with the use of the HCG Diet Recipes,  the depression will ease thereby promoting a better mood overall. In direct correlation, your activity level will increase due to increased energy along with your improved social interaction with others. Your self confidence will soar and you will be able to accomplish much more. You can enjoy increased productivity in your personal and professional life. With all of these, another apparent notice is that weight loss improves mood swings.

Weight Loss Improves Mood Conclusion

Coupled with the above mentioned benefits, there are help with many mental disorders including severe anxiety, panic disorders, and many others. Overall, the common consensus is that many common diseases can be much less significant when lowering and maintaining a healthy weight. In conclusion, it is the best method to overall improve general health, mental health and emotional health. It is now proven that weight loss improves mood swings, emotions, and energy levels.

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