After the HCG Diet

As mentioned in a previous blog post about post HCG,  after the HCG diet, your body will undergo some amazing transformations. You will lose a great deal of weight, you will notice inches continue to come off, and your appetite will be drastically different. One of the main concerns for new clients is if they will keep the weight off.  So, what happens to your body after you finish a round of HCG drops?

What happens after the HCG diet?

  • Your appetite will change! While you are taking the HCG drops, you will be following a very low calorie diet (VLCD). After the HCG Diet you are slowly introducing new foods to your diet. This is all part of the maintenance phase. The importance of this phase is to learn more about your body. Every body is unique and is sensitive to different types of foods. This is time for you to figure out what your body is sensitive to.  You will notice a decrease in your appetitie as well. Small amounts of food seem to be sufficient.
  • Exercise and the HCG diet. In order to maintain the results you gained from your HCG drops, it is beneficial to maintain a regular exercise routine. After the HCG diet, you don’t have to kill yourself for hours every day at the gym. Simply adding 15 minutes of cardio every day will help maintain your figure. Yoga or another activity that you enjoy that gets your heart pumping are other great ways to make sure you are getting enough exercise. I love to simply walk my dogs at night. Since your hypothalamus was reset during your HCG drops, you will find that your metabolism is more efficient. This means that your exercise routine will be more effective after you have undergone the HCG diet.
  • Your Mood and Energy level increased! A lot of customers realize that once the weight loss has occurred, they have a lot more energy. It seems simple activities, like walking the dog or playing with the kids are a lot easier.  With weight loss, your overall mood will improve as well.

Don’t fall into old habits after the HCG diet.

Always remember how far you came from before you started the HCG Diet. You’ve worked hard to achieve your weight loss goals, so it’s important you don’t fall back into old eating and lifestyle habits after the HCG diet.

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