Spicing up the HCG Diet

Some dieters complain that the HCG diet is rather bland and can be quite boring. However, did you know you can have fried chicken while on the HCG diet.

Below, you will find a delicious recipe for fried chicken that we are sure you will enjoy.

Fried Chicken for the HCG Diet

  • o 100 grams – one chicken breast
  • o 1 Grissini Breadstick or Melba-Toast crushed into a fine powder
  • o 1 Dash – Garlic Powder
  • o 1 Pinch – Oregano
  • o 1 Pinch – Sea Salt and Black Pepper
  • o 1/2 Tablespoon – Milk

Dip chicken in milk and coat with crushed Melba toast crumbs. For frying, cook in non-stick pan on medium high.  Add salt and pepper and/or other spices to taste for a delicious fried chicken meal.  You can also bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes if you desire.

HCG Diet Recipes Summary

Sometimes, to help add some more flavor to the HCG diet, you need to get creative.  The purpose of the diet is to help reset your hypothalamus, therefore while you are on the diet you will notice your taste buds have changed. A lot of times the foods you enjoyed before will no longer sound good and the foods you disliked will become more desirable.

What are some different recipes you have tried while on the HCG diet?

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