Make money with the your hcg affiliate programBecome a Your HCG Affiliate and Make Money

Partner with the original HCG Diet provider and make some money.  Because of the popularity and stunning results, the HCG diet practically sells itself.  The HCG diet was one of the fastest growing search terms on the internet for 2010 and the popularity continues to grow.  When you become a HCG affiliate, we help you in assisting the setup of your account.  Once your HCG affiliate account is setup, we give you a banner HTML code that you easily put on any form of website, blog, email and more.  Every time that someone visits your site, clicks on the banner, and decides to purchase HCG, you get paid!  You can also login to your account at any time to check your commissions.  Your HCG is the original provider of the HCG diet and we sell homeopathic HCG drops, complete HCG diet plans, whey protein shakes, HCG diet recipe books, and other supplemental products. We’ve helped over 100,000 people lose weight, have over 75,000 Facebook fans, and 45,000 Twitter followers. As a HCG affiliate, our dedicated staff would love to help you be successful in selling products from Your HCG.

Reasons to Become a HCG Affiliate:

  • HCG affiliates earn up to 15% commission on all products
  • 60 return days
  • $129 average order
  • High conversion rates, low return rates
  • Hundreds of retail outlets increase brand exposure
  • Multi-million dollar advertising campaign creates customer familiarity
  • Targeted banners and text links
  • It’s free to join, so you have nothing to lose
  • It’s a no-hassle way to earn additional revenues from your web site
  • Thousands of rabid fans and success stories

More Benefits of Signing up to be a HCG Affiliate:

  • Free shipping on most orders (over $159)
  • Lowest priced homeopathic HCG diet plan available
  • Our products ship within 1 business day
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Unlimited phone and chat support for customers throughout their diet by our team of dedicated health coaches
  • Safe, secure online ordering

Dedicated Management

The affiliate program is managed by industry leader and 2013 Pinnacle Awards Affiliate Manager of the Year winner – and we are here to help! We eat, sleep, and breath affiliate marketing, so please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you feel will assist you in making money with us. The most likely outcome would be that we have heard the question before and can provide you with the best answer and/or solution to move forward and start receiving checks immediately.

How our HCG Affiliate Program Works

1.  Apply to become a HCG affiliate through Linkshare.

2.  Once you are approved, we will provide graphics and links on your site to

3.  Visitors click from your site to and purchase an HCG diet plan, HCG recipe book, HCG-friendly protein shake, website subscription, or any other product we provide.

4.  HCG Affiliates make up to 15% commission for every qualifying sale!



If you are already a Linkshare member, you can join our program here. We look forward to being a partner with you and know you will enjoy the benefits of becoming an HCG Affiliate.

*** We have temporarily suspended the YourHCG Affiliate Program. If you would like more information on placing a wholesale order please call (1-800)-697-4208