hcg diet frequently asked questions

Affordable HCG Diet

Affordable HCG Diet Your HCG has revolutionized the HCG diet by offering unlimited email and phone support with all any HCG diet plan. Your HCG has helped over 50,000 people lose weight for about 10% of what the exact same HCG diet goes for…

What Happens To Your Body After You Finish A Round Of HCG

You will lose a great deal of weight, you will notice inches continue to come off, and your appetite will be drastically different. One of the main concerns for new clients is if they will keep the weight off.  So, what happens to your body after you finish a round of HCG drops?
HCG diet science

HCG Diet Science

How do you lose weight on the HCG diet? In a recent HCG Blog post, we explained the HCG diet details.  Below, we would like to go into more detail about why you lose 1-2 pounds per day and why the 500 very low calorie diet VLCD is necessary…
hcg diet frequently asked questions

What is HCG and the HCG Diet?

What is HCG and the HCG Diet? By now pretty much everyone has heard of the HCG diet and knows at least one person who has successfully lost weight using it. But you might not know anything more about HCG than some people call it “the pregnancy…
hcg diet rewards

HCG Diet And Exercise For A Healthy And Happy Life

Find out what you need to know about the HCG diet and exercise. While no exercise is necessary, exercise can be done with proper guidance.
eating organic on the HCG Diet

Eating Organic On The HCG Diet Is Easier Than You Think

Eating organics foods on or off the HCG diet can help with many things related to your health. Read to learn more about the HCG diet.
Top HCG secrets revealed

Top HCG Secrets That Will Ensure You Lose The Most Weight As Safely As Possible

Take a look here for the top HCG secrets that will guarantee results. These top HCG secrets are safe and will help you meet your goals.

HCG Warnings You Need To Take Note Of Before You Buy

HCG Warnings Should Not Be Taken Lightly HCG warnings are not hard to find. The reason is that this diet is very powerful, it works wonders and changes lives. The HCG drops are essentially made from a pure hormone that is generated by pregnant…
using hcg for weight loss

Using HCG Is Easier Than You Think And Produces Incredible Results

Using HCG is a safe and effective way of losing those unwanted pounds. Using HCG is easier than you might think if you're looking to lose weight fast.
HCG Strategy

HCG Strategies You Need To Know For The Best Results Possible

HCG strategies you should take note of before you start the diet. These HCG strategies will put you on course for a better healthier you.
HCG drops and what they can do for you

The Battle Over HCG Drops and How to Win It

HCG Drops have proven results for users who are dedicated to losing serious weight. HCG drops are not some fad diet. HCG drops are the real deal.
hcg diet drops review

A Review Of HCG Drops Explains Everything You Need To Know

A review of HCG drops reveals the truth behind the most powerful weight loss supplement in the world today. Take a look at the review of HCG drops here.
benefits of HCG diet

Benefits Of HCG Drops | Lose Weight Easily With HCG Drops

The benefits of HCG drops are pretty astounding. Benefits of HCG drops go much further than just simple weight loss. Take control of your life with HCG.
HCG vs. Hormone Free HCG

HCG Vs. Hormone Free HCG

HCG is a powerful weight loss solution. Hormone free HCG is also a powerful solution so lets dive in and take a look at HCG vs. hormone free HCG.
Approved supplements for the hcg diet

A List Of Approved Supplements For The HCG Diet

Take a look here for approved supplements for the HCG diet. THese supplements for the HCG diet can increase mood and energy.
HCG Diet - How to lose the most weight with the HCG diet

Helpful Tips To Prevent Weight Gain After The HCG Diet And Keep It Off

It's easy to prevent weight gain after the HCG. Take a look at these tips and ideas we've compiled to make sure you prevent weight gain.
HCG Diet - HCG Diet Meals

HCG Diet Dinner Recipe

HCG Diet Does Not Have to Be Boring Just because you are on the HCG diet, it doesn’t mean you need to eat bland and boring foods for the whole 23 – 45 days! By adding in new recipes, spicing up your foods, and adding lots of variety to…
hcg diet frequently asked questions

Your HCG Responds to FDA Warnings

At this point in time, we are pretty confident that you have heard or read numerous news stories regarding the FDA issuing statements regarding homeopathic HCG. HCG Diet has Helped Thousands of People As the first company selling homeopathic…
HCG diet community

New and Improved HCG Diet Community

HCG Diet Community Overview In an ongoing effort to provide continual support for clients of Your HCG, they recently announced a new HCG diet community available on Facebook. There are various forums available including support, victory lane,…
HCG Diet Maintenance Breakfast Recipes

HCG Diet Maintenance Breakfast Recipes

Stay Motivated With These HCG Diet Maintenance Breakfast Recipes While dieting with HCG, only coffee or tea is recommended for breakfast because the HCG allows your body to pull the additional calories it requires to function directly from…
HCG Diet High Fructose Corn Syrup

The Dangers Of High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a heavily used very popular sweetener replacement for sugar. High Fructose Corn Syrup has its downfalls.
HCG Diet Cheats

Bored on the HCG Diet? Try These HCG Diet Cheats

Are you bored of the same foods on the HCG diet? Click here to read some great tips to help you succeed. The HCG diet works.
HCG Diet - Healthy meal ideas for kids

Tips To Help Kids Lose Weight

Click here to read a list of recommendations to help kids lose weight the healthy way. Help kids lose weight and shape a healthy future.

Healthy Tips To Help With Depression

Tips Designed To Help With Depression Depression can affect everyone differently. It is very important to know the signs of depression, this will help to better assist in getting your or your loved one the help they need. Take a look at these…
HCG Diet - HCG Diet cheats and the dangers that company them

Cheats On The HCG Diet

When on the HCG diet, there is a strict protocol that is required in order to lose weight. This protocol has been around since the 1950s and was written by Dr. Simeons, the endocrinologist that first published the HCG diet. The diet consists…
HCG Diet - Tips to help unhealthy cravings on the HCG diet

Tips To Help The Unhealthy Cravings On The HCG Diet

Eliminate Those Unhealthy Cravings On The HCG Diet The HCG Diet is an amazing weight loss program that allows you to lose large amounts of weight, quickly without going into starvation.  HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is…
HCG Diet - Real HCG ingredient information

Real HCG Ingredient Information

Real HCG Ingredient Information What Exactly Is Real HCG? Real HCG Diet has been on the market since the 1950's, over 60 years of successful use, since Dr. Simeons introduced this renowned diet protocol to the world. With use over many decades…
HCG Diet - The Importance of following the HCG diet

The Importance Of Exactly Following The HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG Diet Is Very Specific Some diets are used as general guide lines as to what types of foods to follow and others are specific telling you exactly what to eat. The HCG diet is one of these specific diets. According to the original protocol…
HCG Diet - Exercises For The HCG Diet

Great Exercises For The HCG Diet

Great Exercises For The HCG Diet A little hard work goes a long way. The biggest factor for weight loss when doing the HCG diet protocol is the diet. The original HCG protocol according to Dr. Simeons consists of a specific 500 calorie diet…
HCG diet - The dieter's guide to Thanksgiving

The HCG Dieter's Guide to Thanksgiving

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The HCG Dieter's Guide to Thanksgiving The holidays are upon us, and what does that mean? Food, food, and more food, with a little bit of shopping in there too. Dieting during the holidays can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be impossible.…
hcg diet results

Dawn before and after

Dawn before and after
hcg diet results

Crystal before and after

Crystal before and after her HCG transformation
hcg diet weight loss results

Ashley Before and After

Ashley before and after.
hcg diet weight loss

Maintenance Day Twenty One HCG

Maintenance Day Twenty One HCG All I can say is wow. I have still been able to completely maintain my LDW. I know it isn't completely to protocol but I have been slowly adding in carbs and other "processed" foods such as pre made dressings…
hcg diet weight loss

Maintenance Day 15 HCG

Maintenance Day 15 HCG 2 Weeks! I made it. It has been quite a while since I last posted and I figured I didn't need to post every day since I am trying to maintain. I did have a birthday party this past weekend for my niece who turned 2. I…
hcg diet weight loss

HCG Maintenance Day 7

HCG Maintenance Day 7 I have made it a week being able to maintain. It has been a few days since I last wrote and since the last time I have lost a lot and gained a little but today was my first day waking up to 1 lb gain and the first time…
hcg diet weight loss

HCG Maintenance Day 5 Alesha

HCG Maintenance Day 5 Alesha I feel like I am cheating. Yesterday felt so good to have my husband's eggs for breakfast again. We used to make breakfast together on Sunday mornings before I started this diet so I have been missing that time…
hcg diet weight loss

HCG Diet Journey - Another 1.5 lbs down [Alesha]

HCG Diet Customer Journey Your HCG asked several people to keep journals of their personal journey while on the HCG diet.  The HCG diet journals are real. They consist of ups and downs, joys and frustrations, and of course the weight loss. …
hcg diet weight loss

Blog 6 - Encouragement! [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Hello HCGers! It has been a while since my last blog and everything has been crazy. That is how life goes. Anyway, from my last entry I wasn't sure how thinga were going with my weight lose and I got to find out first hand why. I got sick and…
hcg diet weight loss

Moving on to maintenance [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Moving on to maintenance [Alesha's HCG Journey] Today is my first day with out drops before going into maintenance. It was a sigh of relief this morning when I realized I didn't need to take my drops. I woke up to no change but I did have to…
hcg diet weight loss

Day 30 - I did it! [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Yup, that's right, I did it. I lost the last 2 lbs I was hoping for to get to where I was last summer breastfeeding. God I feel good and so happy that I start maintenance tomorrow. I cannot wait to hit the gym and go work out, tone up and go…
hcg diet weight loss

Day 29 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

I have just one more day after today for drops then I go on maintenance. I am unbelievably excited. I will be measuring myself tomorrow afternoon (I work first thing in the morning so I cannot do it then) and I am excited to see how much I have…
hcg diet drops program results

Updated pictures [Belina's HCG Journey]

Hello again fellow losers , as promised here are some updated pics ! The first is from Feb23 and todays March 28th  I can totally see and feel the difference! Im actually starting to fit in more and more clothes!! YAA ! hopefully i will…
hcg diet weight loss

Day 28 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

I have been having a really hard time this past weekend. I feel like I am doing everything right accept for getting in all my water on occasion. I woke up to a .5 gain on Sunday morning then this morning I have a 1.5 gain! I know at least with…
hcg diet journey

HCG Diet Journey Day 25 [Alesha]

HCG Diet Journey Alesha is one of our HCG diet bloggers who has been willing to share her experience on the HCG diet. It has been a few days since my last blog. I have been busy trying to get things done and planning for a community garage…
hcg diet weight loss

DAY 37 of the most amazing journey! [Belina's HCG Journey]

Hey there fellow losers.= )   I was going to quit today! i had dropped my bottle in the sink and broke it ! Thankfully i did split two bottles in one ,but after a lot of tears and anger ,i counted the drops i had and figured out i have…
hcg diet plan

HCG Diet Day 22 - Down another 3 lbs [Alesha's HCG Journey]

HCG Diet Story - Day 22 (Day 22 for the HCG diet for Alesha) Holy cow! I don't know how I did it but I lost another 3 lbs on the HCG diet! After the gain yesterday (even tho I knew why I had a gain, not following HCG protocol) I was so much…
hcg diet weight loss

Day 21 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Ok, Ok, So I showed a gain of .5 this morning but to be honest I expected it. I woke up late, got a late lunch (didn't eat all my food), went grocery shopping and running errands so there was a lot of walking, I didn't get all my water in for…
hcg diet testimonials

Top HCG Diet Testimonials

Your HCG Releases Customer HCG Diet Testimonials Your HCG releases several of the top customer HCG diet  testimonials. The HCG diet has been around for over 50 years. Dr. Simeons released his HCG diet protocol, Pounds and Inches, in the 1950s.…
HCG Diet

Day 20 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

OK, I have reached day 20! I have made it this far, this should show you, and me of course, that I can do it. It is unbelievably the hardest thing I have ever done aside from when my newborn baby wouldn't sleep for 5.5 months. I now have only…
hcg weight loss

Keeping on! [Belina's HCG Journey]

Keeping on! [Belina's HCG Journey] Hello happy losers! = ) Its day 30 for me ! and I'm down 18.6 pounds! I am kinda disappointed , but i do have to take into consideration ,i had a major gain on day 24 ,3.8 pounds! and it has taken me the…
hcg weight loss

Stall - Any help? [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Hi to everyone, This week has been terrible for me. I have stalled out for the last five days and am really frustrated. Tomorrow I am going to do an apple day. I will post again soon to let everyone know how I do getting past this stall.…
hcg weight loss

Day 18 - Down 3 lbs! [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Well, well, well, I think I may have found the combo that works for me. After days of loosing only .5 lb each day then yesterday's gain of .5 lb had me uber depressed. I am so sick of the food and I have little options b/c of being a kind of…
hcg weight loss

LDW: -0.4 Under (Lost 1.0) R1P3D5 [Jennifer's HCG Journey]

LDW: -0.4 Under (Lost 1.0) R1P3D5 [Jennifer's HCG Journey] This morning on the scale was a pleasant surprise, I lost 1.0 lb and I’m under my LDW by 0.4.  This is what I ate yesterday.  Breakfast:  2 egg whites scrambled with green bell…
hcg weight loss

Day 17 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Ok, so I guess I am in need of some encouragement. I woke up today with a .5 lb gain! I can think of a few things that didn't follow protocol to a T but I have done them in the past (ie: mixing veggies) and haven't seen a problem. It is discouraging…
HCG maintenance

Maintenance Phase Begins [Jennifer's HCG Journey]

Maintenance Phase Begins [Jennifer's HCG Journey] Saturday,  March 12, 2011  Weight:   Loss 0.2       R1P2D29  Third and Final day of no drops! My last day of weaning, I’m beyond excited.  I can’t wait to toss the rubber…
hcg diet - weight loss

Days 14-16 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Blog-Day 14 Well, well. I knew I wouldn't have a big loss this morning after my day yesterday. I lost .5 lb this morning which at least it is a loss. I had red meat for lunch which I always have a low loss on days after I eat red meat, I had…
hcg diet - headaches on the hcg diet

Day 13 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Well, I do have to say I am uber proud of myself. Yesterday at the birthday party we went to it was temptation at every corner. I was offered yummy, lots of cheese pizza, sliders, pop and cake with marshmallow frosting! I held my own and drank…
hcg drops - eliminate headaches

Day 13 [Jodi's HCG Journey]

UUUUGGGG!!!! I think I am headed toward a stall. Scale didn't move from yesterday! Trying to keep my chin up, I know this happens to everyone. It's the first day of the first time it's happened, so I am not too discouraged yet. We shall see…
hcg diet - it works

Keep on keeping on! [Belina's HCG Journey]

Keep on keeping on! [Belina's HCG Journey] Well,lets see, its been an interesting few days,Ive been working with my husband on a construction site ,he is a Tile setter we have a contracting business so i was doing some grouting and labouring…
hcg weight loss - green tea

Day 12 - down .5 lbs [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Well only another .5 lb loss but at least it is a loss right? I am having trouble this morning staying positive b/c of two days in a row of loosing only .5. But as my mom keeps telling me, you are at least at 16 lbs! That is an accomplishment…
hcg diet drops program spring sale

Day 12: 1.4 pounds gone forever! [Jodi's HCG Journey]

My energy was low yesterday and I was cranky. I have pretty severe cravings all day. BUT.... I lost 1.4 pounds, so I guess it wasn't that bad! Oh, Last night I booked a Disneyland trip with my kids. Mar 28- Apr 1 ...... ANY ADVICE on making…
hcg diet - weight loss

Day 11, .5 lbs down [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Well, what a morning. I woke up to a .5 lb loss which is nice b/c every loss is a good one. But then I check my email and my brother in Hawaii sent me an email last night while we were sleeping. He wanted to tell me about the tsunami and that…
hcg diet drops program

Day 11: Down one pound even since yesterday, 13.4 pounds total [Jodi's HCG Journey]

I ventured out into the real world with a friend yesterday. It was nice to get out and see and do. Got the boys some BK through the drive thru in between stores and dang. It. Smelled. Good.   I handled it like a champ though. I ordered…
hcg diet - happy scale

Weight Loss 0.6 lbs R1P2D28 Second day of no drops [Jennifer's HCG Journey]

Today was a great day, except that I have not had a BM for 5 days! I am still not planning on trying a cup of smooth move tea…yet! I promised myself I would let my body take care of itself. Tomorrow is my last day of no drops and then Sunday,…
hcg diet - losing inches

Down 14 lbs! Day 8! [Catherine's HCG Journey]

Well I am thrilled, even with a very minor set back, I am down 14 lbs. I am on phase 2 day 8. I weighed in this morning and I didn't have any lose, so I have increased my water and I am looking forward to what tomorrows weigh in will show me.…
hcg dieting - scale

Weight Loss 0.6 lbs R1P2D27 [Jennifer's HCG Journey]

I woke up this morning and decided that yesterday was my last day on drops.  I’m ready to move onto Phase 3.  With upcoming events, weddings, vacation, family gatherings, it is time to move on.  I plan on doing another round in a few months…
hcg diet - losing weight

Day 10 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Well, well. I keep mentally thinking "There is going to be a day when I wake up and there isn't a loss right?" but to my amazement it has only happened once. This morning I lost another pound so that puts me at my first goal. I said if I loose…
hcg diet drops program

Day 10: 1.0 lbs, 12.4 lbs. total. Another pound bites the dust! [Jodi's HCG Journey]

Yesterday was just a normal run of the mill day. Played in the sunshine with the kids and my new friend and her baby. Energy levels were excellent. Hunger was non-existent. In fact, I am having a hard time getting "all" the food I am supposed…
Lose 1-2 pounds per day with the HCG diet

Day 9 - Down 14 lbs! [Alesha's HCG Journey]

Well I seem to have come back to speed. I lost 2lbs this morning for a total of 14 lbs since the 1st! I am excited and happy with the results so far and I can already see a difference in my clothes fitting. Each day I see a loss is a day that…
HCG diet

Day 9 [Jodi's HCG Journey]

Day 9: GOOD MORNING TO ME! Wahoooo! I lost 2.6 pounds yesterday for a total of 11.4 pounds! Double digits Baby! Oh yeah! Doing the Happy Dance! I am SO happy and excited this morning! Pure awesomeness in a bottle! I am on my way to a happier,…
hcg diet - weight loss

Weight Loss 0.2 lbs R1P2D25 [Jennifer's HCG Journey]

Weight Loss 0.2 lbs R1P2D25 [Jennifer's HCG Journey] I’m hanging tough with TOM!  I can’t say it enough how much I LOVE this diet!!  Not only the weight loss, but the life tools it has taught me with cooking healthier and reassuring myself…
hcg diet - weight loss

YAAA! My Body Forgives Me! [Belina's HCG Journey]

YAAA! My Body Forgives Me! [Belina's HCG Journey] Hello again folks, its been a rollercoaster the last few days,but its all working out! its day 18 and the sacle said im at 210.6 pounds! thats down 14.6 pounds since the start! and that was…
hcg dieting - stay positive

Day 8 [Alesha's HCG Journey]

So I made it very well yesterday. I kept a positive attitude and kept to protocol. I woke up this morning and lost another .5lbs. I am slightly disappointed but then I think, "you just lost 12 lbs in one week!" Way to go! I feel great, still…
hcg diet weight loss

Day 8: 0.8 lbs. gone 8.8 lbs. total [Jodi's HCG Journey]

Yesterday was the best day of them all so far! I felt like I could handle everything. My mind was sharp and I had energy to spare. I made my family dinner without any feelings of wanting any. (Except there was this one weird little moment when…