HCG Side Effects For Men

The FDA recently made some big changes to the hCG industry. The original formula which was pure hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is no longer available on the US market. What is commonly offered now is a hormone free version. As long as you go with a reputable company that offers a formula comprised of very specific amino acids it can and will trigger the release of pituitary hCG.

Common HCG Side Effects

The hormone free hCG product is comprised of all natural amino acids.  This form of the HCG Diet is just as effective, if not more effective, than the original formula. With the introduction of the hormone free formula you not only can get the amino acids needed to trigger the release of the hormone but you can also get amino acids that will reduce hunger, cravings and can add a bit of extra energy. These are areas of the diet that have been issues for many, so with this change it seems easier for many more people to be successful with the diet!

The most common question when starting any diet is if there are side effects for men. The great thing about this diet is the amino acids are all natural and there have not been short or long term side effects associated with the product, for men or women.  Next is the hCG, with the new changes the hormone comes from within your own body. The hCG hormone will be released from your pituitary gland with help from the amino acid compound. When using your own hormone you take away all chances of side effects because it is produced within your body!

HCG Side Effects With the Diet

There are small side effects that can come along with the diet process. Occasionally customers do experience detox symptoms such as headaches, due to their bodies detoxing from sugars, starches and caffeine. This is easily over come with green tea and water to assist in flushing them from your system. Hunger can also be a side effect in the early diet stages. If the loading is not done properly it can cause hunger or craving for up to 8 days, the feeling will subside once in full swing of the diet. Not taking the correct dosage or not eating as directed from the food list can also cause hunger because you’re not allowing the release of the bad fat for the extra fuel. When the diet process is followed as directed you should not experience much more than a mild headache during the first day.

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