Hygiene Products on the HCG Diet

Personal Care Products on the HCG Diet

In order to obtain the maximum results while on the HCG diet plan, it is imperative that you strictly avoid any skin care products containing. Although unknown by many, absorbing fat via your skin or eating it is considered the same while on the HCG diet plan.

It should be noted that your body is very sensitive to any types of fats so extreme caution should be used when you use any cosmetic, deodorants, lotions, hair products, oral hygiene products or skin product. You must be sure that it does not contain any fats or oils. Dr. Simeons clearly stated “fats, oils, creams and ointments applied to the skin are absorbed and interfere with weight reduction by HCG just as if they had been eaten.”

Hygiene Ideas while on the HCG Diet

1.) Soap: Use products with baking soda, Zest, Dial and Ivory to name a few. They are great skin products which are free from any fats or oils.

2.) Body deodorants: It is best to use deodorants that contain baking soda as well as Thai stick.

3.) Lotion: According to Dr. Simeons, he suggests plain mineral oil which is devoid of any nutritional value. You can also use lotions that contain baby oil.

4.) Hair Care: While on the HCG, you can use products manufactured by the Life Extension, Aubrey Organics, or Natures Gate Aloe Vera.

5.) Oral Hygiene Care:   For cleaning teeth, it is advisable to use baking soda. For whitening purposes, you can add hydrogen peroxide if you choose. Tom’s toothpaste is a great alternative as well.

Personal Items while on the HCG Diet Conclusion

This list does not include everything you are allowed to use, this is just a start. You need to look at everything you use and read the ingredients.  For optimum results, you want to stick with oil-free products and products that do not contain petroleum jelly, sugars or lanolin. We have a more complete list on our members only blog as well.

What hygiene products do you use while on the HCG diet?

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