HCG Diet tips - How to Switch to an Organic Diet

How to Switch to an Organic Diet

Organic Diet Definition

What does it mean have an organic diet or be organic? Not only are organic foods better for you but, they are better for the environment as well.  “Organic” is related to the way products such as fruit, vegetables, meat, and other produce are processed and grown.  Chemical fertilizers and weed control are not used on organic farms nor are animals given antibiotics or hormones.  The benefit of avoiding such practices is that these chemicals and other products cannot be passed on by you the consumer. Keep in mind that if you are on the HCG diet, organic food is what is recommended as well.

Buying organic may be a little more expensive than buying conventional produce, however the benefits of an organic diet outweigh those financial costs when you consider eating organic can reduce your risk for certain types of cancer. Another benefit is reducing the chances of polluting water supplies . When buying organic it helps to understand the reasons for those added costs. Farmers who are certified by the USDA as organic have higher expenses, for example feed for cattle who are organically certified costs almost twice as much as feed for non-organic cattle.  Another thing to remember is that crops on organic farms don’t produce as much as conventional produce due to such practices as crop rotation whereas conventional crops can produce lower quality products in greater quantities and sell at cheaper prices.  One thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Switching to an Organic Diet

The next question is “How do I switch to organic foods?”. In the past, eating organic was more difficult because of the inconvenience.  Organic food was only available in specialty grocery markets.  However, because of the growing popularity of eating organic, now you can find organic milk, eggs, meat, fruit, vegetables, and more at any local grocery store.  Although the HCG diet does recommend an organic diet, if you can’t make the switch that quickly, try a slower approach. The best way to switch to organic foods is to learn how to find organic foods. There should be a specific section in the grocery store for organic foods.  To verify that they are USDA certified, check the labels which should have the USDA Seal verifying that they are organic (these products are not required to carry the seal but most do). Rather than throwing everything in your kitchen away, and running out to buy all organic food items, make the gradual change. This will make it an easier transition that you are more likely to stick to, and it’ll also make it easier on your pocket book. For example, the next time you go grocer shopping, try buying all organic fruit. Do that for a week or two, then the next time buy all organic vegetables. It doesn’t need to be a drastic change all at once, but one that is gradual.

Another thing to be aware of is the different types of organic food. Foods listed as 100% organic are completely organic.  If the food just says “Organic” this indicates no less than 95% of the ingredients are organic (which means up to 5% of these foods are non-organic).  And then there are foods that may say “made with organic ingredients” which allow up to 30% of non-organic ingredients. If you have to, try starting with healthy snacks that are organic, this will allow you to slowly transition.  Once you get familiar with finding these products, checking labels, and learning what you are paying for, buying and eating organic will become second nature and will lead to a healthier lifestyle and a better you!

Have you made the switch to an organic diet? What are some of your favorite foods from your organic diet?

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