HCG Drops - Beware of FAKE HCG

HCG Drops Are All You Need For Success

With HCG drops flooding the online market, it should come as no surprise that some brands have added numerous other ingredients to their formulation.  Some of these products include fat metabolizers, thyroid and liver support, digestive aids and other chemicals with grandiose claims that these additives make the HCG more powerful and safe.

Effective HCG Drops

With numerous claims that HCG is extremely effective along with following the diet, the questions that emerges is why add all these supplemental ingredients in your drops? The truth is, if your HCG is real homeopathic HCG, there is absolutely no need to add any ingredients whatsoever. In essence, they are added to distract and mislead from the ineffectiveness of the weak HCG they are peddling.

Real HCG drops will burn fat as well as effectively suppress the appetite. Any other ingredients are of in excess of what is needed. Even if the formulation of HCG contains real HCG, it is diluted to compensate for the volume taken up by all the extra, added ingredients.

However, although added ingredients should be avoided in HCG drops; there are some products that can be taken in parallel with your HCG to suppress your emotional appetite as well as loose skin. Although HCG will prevent physical hunger cravings, many dieters are unable to control their emotional hunger when temptations arise. On our HCG members only blog you can find a list of tips and tricks to help control your hunger. Keep in mind, the first week is the hardest and it will get a lot easier after that.

Some Supplements Are Allowed With The HCG Drops

There is a list of approved supplements on the HCG diet. We recommend vitamin B12 to help with your overall energy and sometimes we might recommend potassium supplements as well. Be sure to check the ingredients to ensure they are all-natural and contain no added sugars. It is always best to consult with your doctor before starting any new medications.

Overall, carefully screen the HCG drops you are purchasing and make sure you have received the real HCG for optimum results. Stay clear of the added ingredients.

Do you have any tips for someone starting out the HCG Diet? What results have you experienced with the HCG Drops?

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