The HCG Diet and Your Metabolism

HCG Diet Resets Metabolism

As we get older and our activity level decreases, because we are busy with work, family or many other things, our metabolism will slow down. When the metabolism starts to slow down, you’ll notice you are easily fatigued, may get cold easily, and may in turn, gain weight. The HCG diet has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight so far. So what makes the HCG diet different from other diets? The biggest difference is that the HCG diet helps reset your hypothalamus gland, which then resets your metabolism. Not only does the HCG help you lose weight, but it will reset your metabolism to the new lower weight, so you’ll burn calories faster than you did before, which helps keep the weight off long term.

Vitamins and the HCG Diet

Along with taking the HCG during the HCG diet, there are vitamin supplements that will also help increase your metabolism, boosting your weight loss even more. Studies have shown that B12 or a B-complex supplement can boost your metabolism, along with Vitamin C, green tea and organic apple cider vinegar. All of these are allowed on the HCG diet as long as they don’t contain any sugars or starches.

To ensure your hypothalamus gland is properly reset, you’ll want to take the drops for a minimum of 23 days. This will include 2 loading days with the drops and 21 days of the low calorie diet (VLCD) with the HCG drops. After the 23 days are complete, you’ll continue the VLCD for 3 days while the HCG fully leaves your system. After the 72 hours are over, the diet is followed by a maintenance phase. Maintenance is a 6-week period, where at first you increase your calorie intake but avoid all sugars and starches, and then eventually you can slowly work sugars and starches back into your system. The maintenance period will increase after each round of the HCG diet to ensure stabilization is complete and also to ensure you don’t become immune to the HCG.

Following the HCG Diet

By following the HCG diet as outlined in Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeons, you will be able to lose weight quickly and keep it off long term. After the HCG diet, it is important to keep your metabolic rate up. You can do this by continuing to eat healthy, using the techniques you learned while on the HCG diet, and stay active.

What tips would you recommend to new users of the HCG diet?

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