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At this point in time, we are pretty confident that you have heard or read numerous news stories regarding the FDA issuing statements regarding homeopathic HCG.

HCG Diet has Helped Thousands of People

As the first company selling homeopathic HCG online, Your HCG is extremely grateful for all of the support from our many clients who have achieved successful weight loss using our product. As an organization, your safety is our number one priority and we have always offered unlimited support on your journey to losing weight and promoting a healthier life.

Unfortunately, the FDA comments come as a negative portrayal of the many benefits offered with homeopathic HCG. During the time that Your HCG has been in business, we have heard back from thousands of former and current clients praising our product and sharing glowing testimonials in regards to their success on their weight loss experience.

Help Save the HCG Diet

With the FDA’s aggressive tactics, it is unfortunate that Your HCG doesn’t have much say or control in what they choose to do.  Within our resources, we are committed to continue to sell homeopathic HCG for as long as we are able. However, we are not in the position to say what the FDA will ultimately choose to do. It is possible in the near future that the only means to receive the HCG Diet is through costly injections within the context of a doctor’s office. We encourage you to sign the petition and join the save homeopathic HCG movement.

Due to the attempts to shut down the resell of homeopathic HCG, many clients are resorting to stockpiling as much homeopathic HCG as possible due to the shelf life of 3 years if stored in a cool, dry place.

Our desire is to continue to help people live healthier lives and we will provide you with new information as quickly as we receive it. As a thank you for your loyal support, call us at (877) 748-2709 to learn about today’s specials.

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