HCG Diet - Tips for the SImeons HCG diet

Following the HCG Diet

Although it is relatively common for most people to successfully lose 1-2 pounds daily while on the HCG diet, we frequently receive correspondence from those who seem unable to achieve this objective. Some will ask questions such as “If the HCG diet is so effective, why do some dieters fail to meet their weight loss objectives?” The truth is that the HCG drops can work for everyone who uses it. For those who don’t experience weight loss, it’s usually to a mistake on the HCG diet.

Although the entire HCG diet protocol is very straightforward, many dieters fail to follow it properly and are faced with weight loss stalls, low energy, hunger pains and sometimes no weight loss whatsoever. We point out that the HCG diet can truly be effective for everyone but any variation can totally hamper results.

Common Mistakes While on the HCG Diet

In order to help dieters achieve the optimum results from their weight loss journey, we have compiled a list of a few of the most common mistakes dieters tend to make.

  1. Choosing Inferior HCG. If a dieter selects a product mixed with any other additives or fake HCG, it will force one’s metabolism to go into arrears and stop the weight loss in its tracks.
  2. If you cheat whatsoever while on the HCG diet, it will definitely have an impact on your weight loss. Strict adherence is a must!
  3. Although many believe consuming diet drink of any type will not affect their weight loss due to low or zero calories, nothing could be further from the truth. We point out that the only allowable drinks allowed on the HCG diet are water, coffee and green tea made from a tea bag.
  4. In order for optimal weight loss to be realized, it is very important to drink at least two liters of water per day.
  5. While on the HCG diet, never use any type of oil while cooking.

HCG Diet Success

One thing to remember while on the HCG diet, is to follow the protocol. Anything not on the protocol, is going to slow you down or interfere with your weight loss. If you have questions or concerns about anything, always ask. With your purchase of HCG from us, not only do you get the HCG Diet, recipes, tips, etc. but you are also getting unlimited support from one of our trained health coaches. To be successful on the HCG diet be sure to know what you are doing before you begin your journey.

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