hcg diet frequently asked questions

Top HCG Diet Frequently Asked Questions

As many of you know, we have a very long list of HCG diet FAQ‘s. In response to the high volume of questions regarding the fast, effective weight loss that HCG diet products provide, Your HCG has addressed those HCG diet frequently asked questions on their website.
The most common FAQs include subject such as:

  • HCG Safety Concerns
  • Where Your HCG products are made
  • Quality Control
  • Differences between prescription HCG and homeopathic HCG
  • The effects of HCG on men
  • How Very Low Calorie Diets work
  • HCG and metabolism

Importance of understand the HCG diet

“We’re always thrilled to answer any questions when they come in,” says Jaime Edmund of Your HCG. “No one should ever start a diet without thoroughly understanding every detail. They should be aware whether it could affect their health, as well as how it works and if it will work for them. At Your HCG, we are proud to sell products that have no known side effects and that have been tested and proven to work.”

Your HCG only sells products that has been thoroughly tested. Their website also offers basic HCG information, an updated blog and the largest HCG diet social media network. The goal is to provide only the highest quality weight loss products under stringent guidelines. The site offers a sample HCG diet to acquaint one with the weight loss program.  Dieters who want to learn more are encouraged to do their own research or to join our HCG discussion forums on Facebook and Twitter so they can speak to others that have gone through the diet.  Your HCG is the leading supplier of HCG products, carrying the most trusted and tested names in the industry as well as HCG products for all price ranges.

Have more questions about the HCG diet?

Do you have any questions that haven’t been answered regarding the HCG diet?  Let us know and we will add it to our HCG Diet FAQ‘s.

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