HCG diet - exercise when sick

Exercises That Are Helpful When You Are Sick

When you exercise, you improve blood flow and movement of your immune system’s lymphatic fluid, so your immune cells can circulate through the body more quickly to kill bacteria and viruses more efficiently. The more consistently you exercise the more immune system enhancement you can get. For example, one study has shown that people who walk at a very brisk pace for 40 minutes a day report half as many sick days as those who do not exercise.

If you haven’t been about to avoid a cold and are taking medication that can increase your heart rate you will need to be very cautious or first contact your physician prior to any sort of physical activity. This especially goes if you have asthma, are wheezing or have a fever. The Mayo Clinic and the American College of Sports Medicine both endorse the “neck up” rule and state that you can proceed with your workout if your signs and symptoms are “above the neck,” such as runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, or sore throat.

Safe Exercises When You Are Sick

Here are some safe exercises that can be done in a low impact manner that can help speed up the recovery process from your symptoms while kicking that cold. Be sure to listen to your body, do not become over exhausted, do not push yourself too hard and be sure to contact your doctor if you experience light-headiness, chest tightness or overall feeling worse.

A simple walk, whether on the treadmill or outdoors can help get your blood moving as well as your lymphatic system, in turn helping eliminate your cold faster. Keep your pace low and smooth, do not over do it at all. An exercise bike is also a great idea, as you can control your speed and your resistance.

If your breathing is not hindered by your cold then yoga is a great low impact choice of exercise while you are ill. Yoga greatly depends on the breathing along with the motions that is why If you are stuffy or congested you may want to choose another option for maximum comfort and overall success with the activity. Pilates can be a bit tougher, but if you have a DVD or a routine you know that can be followed from home, not only do you keep others safe from catching what you have but you control the speed and extent of the exercise.

Exercises With a Cold Summary

It is best to stay clear of public places when you have a cold so some routines that can be done at home are best for keeping others away from the virus as well as if you need rest you are in the comfort of your own place! Set yourself up a little in home circuit; try lunges, sit ups, leg lifts and pushups. Keep your reps low and slow and stay hydrated. An in home circuit can help you achieve the activity you are looking for, yet if you tire quickly or begin to feel worse you can simply stop and take it easy.

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