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New and Improved HCG Diet Members only Website

Your HCG recently announced a new HCG Diet members only website where customers will have their own username and Password. Once a customer becomes a member they will receive an e-mail with their login information.  There is no cost to be a member, just simply purchasing an HCG program.

Whats included with the HCG Diet Members Only Website?

As is common and often frustrating with other diets, people who use the HCG diet can find themselves being bored with the limited variety and few choices presented. In the HCG diet members only website, you will be granted access to the entire diet protocol by including over 100 recipes that you can make at home. Each month Your HCG tries to add new recipes and HCG diet tips.  Also included is a 30 day meal planner you can edit it to fit you needs but it is already filled with great recipes. There are also menus, valuable tips, and all the necessary tools you will need to be successful on your HCG diet journey.

On the HCG diet members only website, the original diet protocol as outlined by Dr.Simeons is provided in an eBook entitled:”Pounds and Inches.” In addition, you will receive the total Pounds and Inches Tracker Tool, which gives you precise daily stats on your total weight loss, as well as inches lost. You simple fill out the information via a Microsoft Excel program, by measuring and taking your daily weight. It will calculate the total inches and total weight loss each day for you.

In Summary to the HCG Diet Members only Website

The members only website is a unique source for all of the information you need to be successful on the diet. You can print recipes off, read important tips, and have great tools to finish the HCG Diet. If you are already a member and need a password and username for the members only website, simply contact us to provide it to you.

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