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YAAA! My Body Forgives Me! [Belina’s HCG Journey]

Hello again folks, its been a rollercoaster the last few days,but its all working out! its day 18 and the sacle said im at 210.6 pounds! thats down 14.6 pounds since the start! and that was with a stall and a CHEAT! since doing my measurements PROPERLY on the 4th i have lost 4 inches!! what can i say this program works!!


i am going searching this aftrernoon for liquid stevia,i have been using the powdered packets ,i couldnt afford to buy anything else, but my husband was using some in his coffee this morning and read the ingrediants in it ! it contains SILICA!!! he was horrified! You see, he is a tile setter  and Silica is a cancer causing agent ,they have warnings about it on the materials he uses for his job!! So needless to say all my packets are in the trash  bin now!!


and im off to Planet Organic  here in Edmonton ,its a bit of a drive ,but im sure they will have it ,going to find the organic ACV too! maybe it tastes better then the no name bottle i bought…lol
i have discovered i really like soup! haha i now blend my protien and veggie togaether and make purree ,its like having cream soup! last night was chicken and asparagus! Hubby tried some and wants me to make it for him too!! LOL
its still a bit of a battle going into the stores with all this stupid Easter candy around ,but i will not cheat again! i really dont want any more bumps in my road!
Spring is just around the corner and ive begun starting my garden plants ,cant wait to dig in the dirt!! Hoping to get my greenhouse this year but we will see…but my garden plan looks pretty good!FRESH veggies and herbs!! I even found seeds for STEVIA!! can not wait to see that! its classified as a HERB! i didnt know that..looks like its from the mint  family to me!  ill let you know how that goes!
My goal this round is to weigh less then my hubby ,but now he has lost 5 pounds! yaa for him grr for me…lol he is at 190 now! but im determined to get past him!! LOL i have a spa day riding on it!!! LOL
so i hope everyone enjoys their day
bye for now
and remember

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