HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

Got Past The HCG Diet Stall [Belina’s HCG Journey]

Hello again, today is R1P2D14. Two weeks on the VLCD and the last three I was stuck, no weight loss! Needless to say I was upset..and yesterday was brutal, I had soooo many cravings, for everything from chocolate to chips to toast with butter..BUT I made the conection! I’m an emoitional eater and I was upset yesterday! But I persevered and made it through without cheating!

You just can’t cheat on this plan! It wrecks all the hard work you put in already!

So this mornings weigh in showed  a .6 loss!! Im good with that as long as that scale keeps going down! I remeasured today and have a 1.5 inch loss..But im going to find a proper chart for where EXACTLY to measure, because I think I’m doing it wrong.
Im seeing lots of recipes on the discussion boards and will post some more of those too !
So folks  thats all for today!


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