HCG Diet Stevia

Which sweetener is best on the HCG Diet?

Dr. Simeon’s states in Pounds and Inches “Saccharin or other sweeteners may be used.” YourHCG has found the best sweetener to use while on HCG is Liquid Stevia.

Artificial sweeteners in other products will slow down results and can actually stall you. There are a lot of different sweeteners on the market that are all natural, and not bad for you. For example, Truvia is great for Phase 3, but cannot be used on Phase 2 because it contains Erythritol which is derived from grapes & pears, which are not allowed on Phase 2.

It is always best to check the ingredients on all products to ensure they are in fact sugar free. There are a lot of hidden sugars such as dextrose, glucose, and fructose. Anything ending in -OSE is a sugar.

Stevia is a very strong sweetener and can be used in very little amounts to sweeten a drink or food. A few simple drops will give the food the desired sweetness you are aiming for.

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