HCG Diet

buy hcg dietWhere Can I Buy HCG?

How Do I Know I’m Buying the Actual HCG Diet

When researching where to buy HCG, you’ll want to find a reputable HCG company. Find one that has a website that lists a phone number where you can actually reach a live person. Ask their customer service representative what ingredients are listed in their product, what you get with your order, if it has reoccurring charges and shipments, and if they have support, testimonials and before & after pictures. All of these items will help calm your nerves when you buy HCG. When you buy HCG, you’ll also want to make sure that the product is manufactured in an FDA approved laboratory and contains an NDC (National Drug Code) number. The NDC number ensures the product is safe for human consumption.


One of the many things that Your HCG offers when you buy HCG directly from them is unlimited support before, during and even after your program is over. Your HCG also offers HCG friendly recipes, weight loss tips, a weight tracking chart and more.


Where Can I Buy HCG?


With the HCG Diet gaining popularity, you are able to buy HCG a lot easier than you were in the past.

HCG can be purchased online through reputable companies such as Your HCG. When you buy HCG, research the company first. A lot of companies also offer their products locally so you can buy HCG at a retail store near you. When you buy HCG locally, you are able to pick up your product same day, rather than waiting for it to arrive in the mail.

Tips on How to Buy HCG Safely

When you buy HCG online, ask the customer service representative how the HCG will react in extreme conditions such as winter and summer temperatures. They should be able to tell you how to store your product properly to ensure the potency isn’t compromised before you actually buy HCG.

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