Prior to a Steak Day

We get asked a lot of times about a Steak Day, let us give you a little history first. As you end Phase 2, the HCG diet portion, you will use your LDW (last day weight). The last day weight is the weight you want to stabilize during the maintenance plan. The last day weight is the weight on the morning of your last day of drops. You will then continue 3 full days of the HCG diet with no drops. This is detoxing the HCG from your system before you start adding additional food choices. On day 4 is when you begin the Phase 3, maintenance portion of the diet.

The maintenance phase of the diet is the most important part of the protocol. The maintenance is where you learn exactly what your body needs and does not need. You will be slowly adding foods back into your diet over the next 6 weeks. The first 3 weeks are sugar and starch free. This means no added  or artificial sweeteners, no starches or carbohydrates in excess or added to foods either. Getting to know your choices is key in being successful and stabilizing your loss.

Helpful Tips to Avoid a Steak Day

On the members only website you will find a section, “Foods to choose and avoid during maintenance.” This section will tell you what foods to definitely stay away from until in the second portion of maintenance, also known as Life Phase or Phase 4 (the second 3 weeks). The section will also give healthy and available choices to begin with. The list does say it is small list of what you can have, we cannot list all the foods available as they vary from ethnicity, culture, demographics, allergies

We are teaching you to stabilize your weight. Stabilizing your weight is keeping your daily weight within 2 pounds of your LDW. You will continue to weigh daily and if by chance your weight goes below the 2 pound mark you simply are not getting enough calories. You do not want to continue losing weight- this will lead to yo-yo dieting. Remember you are teaching your body to hold a healthy weight long term.

Steak Day Instructions

If you happen to make a choice that causes a weight gain by eating too many calories.This can be corrected, as that is what maintenance is for. If your weight goes 2.1 pounds above your LDW this is when you will do a Steak Day. The Steak Day will correct the weight gain, resulting in a loss to get you back within the 2 pound goal. The Steak Day must be done immediately for the best results. You will get the normal amount of water that your weight calls for; you will skip breakfast, lunch and all snacks the day you find the gain. That evening you will consume a steak along with either a raw apple or tomato. The steak can be any size, with all fat trimmed. You may season with salt and pepper only and cook as desired. You then eat your steak and choice of raw apple or tomato together only until you feel full. The fasting through the day along with the protein intake will force the fat from your system. This will only force the bad fat, not your normal fat.

The wonderful thing about the Steak Day is that it can be done anytime during your maintenance to correct a gain. It can also be done any time after the diet has been completed, even if that is 5 years from now, it will still be effective. Have you ever had to do a Steak Day?

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