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Welcome back to my journey! R1P2D10 [Belina’s HCG Journey]

Hello all, welcome back to my journey! Its R1P2D10 for me ,only had a .4 loss this morning and i was feelin a little disgruntled about that,so i took some advice of of the awesome discussion boards and measured myself .If you haven’t been keeping track i really suggest doing so,because as i found today seeing those inches going down helps keep you motivated.As of today  my measurements are as follows

DAY 10

Bust = 39 inches

waist = 39 inches

hips = 44 inches

right calf =18 inches

right knee = 18 inches

i also have added in now my left upper arm ,wish i would have done this from the start  but it is 14 inches .cant wait to see those flabby wings fly away LOL

Total inches lost!!! 9.5 inches!!! i think that is amazing in only 10 days!!

speaking of the discussion boards i have come across So many recipes for some variety on the VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet ) i cant wait to try them this week! the people are so helpful and full of best wishes and encouragement.Its the first thing i do once i get my tea in the morning ,go check out the discussion boards!

I have to go work with my husband this week on a construction site starting tomorrow,so today i am prepping my meals to take with me.My only concern is having to use those gross porta pottys so much ,i mean i have to void my bladder at least every half hour! on the plus side it will mean lots of stair climbing from the second floor to outside and back up again! lol.But hey he needs my help, so it is what it is. = )

I have a really bad sweet tooth and my 2 favs so far to help curb this strawberries with the vanilla stevia ,and the apple slices with cinnamon and stevia with or without 1melba toast  crumbled on top,microwaved  for around 1.5 mins .It is so Nummy ! i actually prepare 2 portions in the evening  now ,one for my hubby too ,he loves it! he says his mom used to make it when he was a kid,im sure she used real sugar though lol So this diet is helping my hubby too!

I found it quite hard this weekend ,as we had my 2 awesome step kids for the  weekend.I found it qiute the challange preparing thier meals which was all my favs,spaghetti ,perogies,fried egges,hashbrowns,waffles,hot dogs,fries without tasting anything or cheating! But i just made thier food and then made mine and sat down at the table with them. Of course there was the questions on why i wasnt eating what they were ,so i just explained to them about my diet and the drops (in simple terms) they are 8 an 10 ,and they were actually quite impressed with me! and they are looking forward to when i will be able to do more activities with them! ha ha they actually run and get my drops when my timer goes off now..lol and i had a hard time keeping them out of my spinach and strawberry salad! next time ill just make the salad part of the family meal.

sometimes i really have trouble eating all my food,i think i need to switch it up a bit ,gotta try some new recipes!
So my total loss thus far at DAY 10 is 12.2 pounds and 9.5 inches !
well my tummy is growling at me ,gotta go prepare my lunch .
Until next time Keep on Keeping on!! and remember it takes that very first step to begin a journey !

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