HCG weight loss

Well before I went to bed last night I weighed in at 164.9, and this morning 161.8.  I was thrilled but then a little nervous because it made me think maybe I didn’t load properly.  To my surprise, today went extremely well, I felt empty but not hungry, my stomach didn’t growl even!  The only difficult time I had was this morning drinking the ACV cocktail, it really did a number on my stomach and the after taste was horrible.  Later in the day I read on the Facebook HCG site that I had the wrong Apple Cider Vinegar, the stuff I purchased was pasteurized so I asked Jer to stop at the health store on his way home from work and I had 2 tbsp with water and 4 drops of stevia and wow, what a difference!  I was able to drink it and I didn’t have the backlash on my stomach or the horrible after taste.  I had coffee in the morning and grilled chicken with mustard/onion powder in the George Foreman and to my surprise it was yummy.  I had celery for my vegetable at lunch and asparagus with lemon juice and garlic powder grilled in the G.Foreman and that was delicious!!  With both meals I did have a melba toast and for a snack in the evening I cut an apple in half with cinnamon and microwave it for 2 minutes.  It was delicious and really took care of my sweet tooth.  As I’m writing this I’m sipping on some Green Tea and really happy with how day 1 went.  I took day 1 photos, loaded them on my computer and will use that as an incentive whenever I’m ready to cave…so far so good.

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