HCG weight loss

I woke up this morning with a headache again, but my hunger was gone.  I drank two cups of green tea, took two aspirin and started feeling better.  By mid afternoon I started feeling like my old self again, energy was back, not nauseated, no lingering icky feeling.   Today was a good day.  By dinner time I had to force myself to eat dinner, I wasn’t hungry.  By dinner I hadn’t had any fruit either but decided I should so I had 1 of my fruits which I chose a few strawberries.  I put on some jeans this morning, they felt the same but when I put my belt to my surprise I had to tighten by a hole!  That made me smile.  It’s working!!  The one thing I can say is when doing this diet portioning out your protein, vegetables before hand is a big help and oh how I love my George Foreman Grill!!!

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