HCG weight loss

Well when I woke up on the scale I was bummed, .2 lbs didn’t seem that great, especially with the previous numbers I had been pulling.  I know that it will happen and sometimes even stalling even happens… just say a tough pill to swallow, but I’m going to keep moving on.  Today, I didn’t have as much coffee, still ate chicken but tried to change up my vegetables.  I had the melba delight (sliced tomatoes, chicken, oregano & sea salt) It was refreshing and delicious, just what I needed.  I tried making the French onion soup, and nearly vomited from the smell…ewww…won’t be trying that again.  For dinner I had bbq chicken, radishes boiled in homemade chicken broth and for a snack some strawberry sorbet.  ALL delicious and recipes that I found on the blog site, and I’m glad I did…it doesn’t make things so boring, I hope it doesn’t hurt but helps the scale.  I sure hope the chicken as my only protein isn’t making me stall.  If so I think I’m going to do the egg thing.   I did take a detox bath in the afternoon, maybe that will help too.

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