HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

I think I overdid it, last night I was rearranging my son’s bedroom, lifting mattresses, furniture etc. & I’m sore today.  I hope that doesn’t hurt the scale, I’ve read when some people try to exercise on P2 they can experience no weight loss or stall, I sure hope that doesn’t happen…I’ve learned my lesson.  I made enchiladas tonight for my husband and a family friend that came over.  They looked so good but I didn’t have the urge to cheat.

My willpower has been impressing me as I continue on this journey, that’s a big acknowledgement for me because I’m usually hard on myself and never give myself credit.   Tonight I grilled shrimp with a little bit of lemon and garlic powder, along with some grilled asparagus.  I will eat that combination even AFTER HCG, delicious!

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