HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

I’m so close, 1.2 lbs away from losing 20 lbs; I am beyond excited!

Yesterday, I brought my son to the mall so we could walk around and get a little exercise.  I also stopped in a few stores and tried on some clothes; for the past few years it’s always been something I dread but yesterday, WOW, yesterday was refreshing.  I’m so used to grabbing a size 12 NOT a size 8, and the muffin top or I should say the tire that’s been around my waist is DEFLATING!  Yahoo!!!!  That put an extra bounce in my step.

I highly recommend to anyone on the HCG diet if you are starting to question yourself or doubt yourself just go to a store and try on some clothes, it’s therapeutic and helps reaffirm your goals.  I forgot to eat a veggie for lunch, I hope that won’t hurt the scale.  I had made white chicken chili, it was delicious and very filling so I totally forgot I needed to eat a vegetable serving.  I did have 2 grissini breadsticks for dinner, I crushed them to make onion rings to eat with my chicken.  I also made an orange julius (Small orange, ice, vanilla crème stevia) after dinner, normally I haven’t been eating both of my allowed servings of fruit.

The weekend is near, the weekends always seem to be a little bit tough mentally but I’m so close now I refuse to screw up, I haven’t cheated and will not cheat!  WILLPOWER!!!

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