HCG diet weight loss

Well I only lost .4 lbs on the scale, bummed but I know there will be days like that.  I just need to remember I can’t be too upset, I haven’t  stalled yet.  Boy, I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.  When I look back at yesterday, I think I drank too much coffee, even though I had a ton of water, more then I usually drink, and maybe my radish portion was a little too big.  I’m going to change and eat salad and chicken today.  I’ve only had chicken for my protein, I might need to consider a London Broil.  Today overall was a good day, I didn’t feel hungry so I didn’t eat my fruit, probably not a good thing but I was on the run today.  I even brought Bryson to the mall and through the food court, again, another moment where I was proud of myself for not giving in.  I even went to a few stores to try a few clothes on and that sure brought a smile to my face, as well as gave me the extra nudge to keep pushing forward.

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