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Well I figured something out I think, I had a little bit of a rough morning, I drank smooth move again last night and had a small BM this morning.  By drinking the laxative tea I think I was forcing my body to have a BM before it was ready, alas the weak feeling both mornings.   The feeling was tolerable but a bit uncomfortable; thankfully it went away after drinking a few glasses of water and some green tea.   From now on, I’m going to let my body decide when it’s ready and not force it, no more laxative tea.

My husband checked our mailbox yesterday and to my surprise my small variety pack of flavored liquid sweet leaf stevia arrived.   I posted a topic on the facebook page asking for suggestions & favorite recipes, and I received some great ideas.  Last night I put a few drops of the chocolate raspberry in my strawberry sorbet.  WOW, so good.  The little bottles arrived just in time; it gives me something to experiment with to keep my meals interesting when I want to change it up a bit.

On another note, one of my friends and a cousin has just ordered from yourhcg, after seeing my results they are excited to get started.   I am told them both I will be there every step of the way & I also told them to check in on the facebook page.

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