HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

Weight Loss 0.2 lbs. R1P2D22 [Jennifer’s HCG Journey]

The point 0.2 loss has officially put me exactly at the 20 lb milestone!  Yahoo!!!!  Today was another cold, windy day in Wisconsin so my husband and I decided to venture out to the mall to get some light walking in and have a little fun in the playground area with our son.  It felt great to get out of the house and made things so much easier on me mentally, since weekends seem to be a little tougher for me.  I made sure I ate my lunch before we went and I was even able to go to the food court and watch the two of them eat without the overwhelming feeling that “I WANT SOME!”

I discovered on this journey I am an emotional eater and I always ate until all the food was gone on my plate; I never stopped when I was full.  I’m now aware of that; and aware of how good it feels to not be ridden with guilt for eating the extra slice of pizza, actually to be honest HALF of a large pizza!

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