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Weight Loss 0.2 lbs. R1P2D13 [Jennifer’s HCG Journey]

Seriously, only 0.2 lbs today.  That’s it, I’m off to get some London broil, I need to suck it up and mix my protein.  Since the beginning of my VLCD I’ve only had chicken, but prepared different ways.  I made white chicken chili from the blog site and it was delicious. Another thing I need to keep in mind, I am ovulating, so that is probably another factor.  Today overall was a good day, I did struggle a bit mentally with the thought of snacking but at this point I knew it was my mind playing games and not my body telling me, especially because I wasn’t hungry.  On another note, people are seeing a change visually, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy hearing, “Wow, have you lost weight!”  I’ve hid under baggy sweatshirts and tops for so long, it’s so nice to start feeling confident again in wearing tops that are a little more slimming.  And of course the next question is, “What are you doing?”   I’m a little hesitant at first to tell them HCG but I know I’ve done my research enough to fight a good debate if they try to discourage me.  To my pleasant surprise, everyone has been supportive so far and wants the information for the website.  Off to bed.

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