HCG weight loss

Weight Gained 3.2 R1P2D2 [Jennifer’s HCG Journey]

Everyone is right, loading is much harder than I thought.  Eating so much food & the type of food has given me a mild headache, extremely bloated & I feel just gross…and I still feel like I might have not loaded enough.  We’ll find out I guess.  I weighed myself just now and I’m at 164 so I did gain.  I’m anxious to get started tomorrow, I just hope I can follow the protocol to a “T”.   I have a timer I use to remind me to take my drops, I just went to the dollar store and picked up more gloves.  The weather warmed up today…PERFECT…spring is around the corner and it gives me more of an incentive to do this.  I’m tired of dreading summer clothes & not feeling embarrassed about my appearance.  Off to chow down on a creamy cupcake!

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