HCG Diet tips - How To Sleep Better

How To Sleep Better at Night

A very important part of achieving the best weight loss results on the HCG diet is a good nights sleep.  Sleep is extremely important for everybody. It will help with weight loss, work, or anything requiring a clear head to think. It is important to try and rest every single night to give your body a break that it deserves. Unfortunately, everyone does not have the luxury of being able to sleep through the night.  The average adult needs between 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night.

There are many ways to get a better night sleep. Below are some tips to help you optimize the amount of sleep you are able to get:

Tips to Sleep Better

– Try going to bed around the same time every single night and wake up at the same time every single morning. This will get your body on a set schedule allowing your sleep to be more effective.

– Avoid foods and drinks that can cause you to stay awake, especially a few hours before bed. Items like caffeine, alcohol, carbohydrates, and sweets can increase your energy level for a short amount of time causing you to lose sleep.

Exercise on the HCG diet, is also a great way to help get your body to relax. Even if you are not on the diet, simply adding in just 30 minutes of any type of exercise will help your body into a more relaxed state. If you do not have time to exercise try going for a light 20-minute walk around the neighborhood before bedtime.

– If after trying the above suggestions, you are still having problems getting a good nights sleep, you can always try natural sleep aids to help you become relaxed and sleep throughout the night. Melatonin and Valerian Root are natural sleep aids that can help many people relax and have a good nights sleep. There are also a variety of teas that can help you relax before bedtime too. But be careful about the amount of liquid you drink before bed, because it can cause you to be up during the night using the restroom.

To Sleep Better Requires Relaxation

It is important to relax before bedtime. So if you need to, turn off the TV and read a book to calm down. Or just relax in bed prior to bedtime to help your body unwind. The less stress you can create before bedtime will allow you to sleep better through the night.

What are some ways that help you sleep better at night?  Has losing weight on the HCG diet affected your sleep at all?

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