HCG Diet - Tips to help unhealthy cravings on the HCG diet

Eliminate Those Unhealthy Cravings On The HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is an amazing weight loss program that allows you to lose large amounts of weight, quickly without going into starvation.  HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin which is a hormone that allows your body to pull additional calories directly from the excess fat your body stores. When you combine HCG with a very low calorie diet (500 calories) your body gets the additional calories it needs from your excess fat so you won’t feel hungry, weak or tired and this is why you have such great weight loss as well. That doesnt mean your body isn’t used to cutting out certain foods so unhealthy cravings on the HCG diet may occur.

 Some Tips To Help With Cravings On The HCG Diet

The first few days are the hardest when battling unhealthy cravings on the HCG diet. The best way to get through them is to make sure you load correctly.  Loading is done on the first two days that you take your drops. You do not diet during these two days, instead you eat as much high fat food as you can. Loading allows the HCG to build up in your system so it is working by the 3rd day (the first low calorie day) and also, if you eat so much fatty food you wont’ have any problem sticking to the low calorie diet through the next few days as your body adjusts to the HCG. Some dieters will still feel cravings even if they are not hungry when dieting with HCG.  The best thing to do for cravings is to not give in. Giving into cravings will only interfere with the HCG which will cause more cravings as well as hunger. “Cheating” will not only give you more cravings but you will notice much slower weight loss.  Instead of giving into unhealthy cravings on the HCG diet you can try some of these other tips:

Drink water. Spread your meals out so you are eating more often. If you are craving something sweet try cutting up an apple (this would count as one of your fruit servings) cut it up into bite sized pieces, sprinkle it with stevia and cinnamon then microwave for 60 seconds.  It tastes just like apple pie! And won’t interfere with your weight loss!

 Do Not Fall Into The Cravings On The HCG Diet

Constantly remind yourself of your weight loss goals and how far you have come. This will keep you on the path to losing weight instead of giving into cravings on the HCG diet. Look at pictures of yourself at your heaviest as motivation not to fall into bad habits.  You can also talk to other dieters who are doing the diet at www.yourhcg.com/community for support and inspiration to stick with the diet.  The main thing to remind yourself is that the diet is worth sticking to.  By not caving to your cravings, you can ensure you will see great weight loss and be able to keep that weight off long term so you never have to diet again!

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