Tips on How to Stress Less

What is stress? Stress can be defined as something that causes mental or emotional strain. Stress can be all around us, but there are different ways to make stressful situations easier to deal with. Here are a few tips to help you stress less:

Tips to Reduce Stress (On and Off the HCG Diet)

– Figure out the trigger. What is causing you to be stressed? Is it the work meeting in the morning or is there just too much on your plate that you no longer feel balanced? Figure out what is causing you stress and see if there is a way to alleviate this stress. For example, if you are stressed about a work meeting, what exactly about the meeting is causing you stress? If you feel you are unprepared, find ways to help you feel prepared. If you have too much on your plate, delegate to friends and family if possible. Maybe your spouse could cook dinner 1-2 times per week or maybe your child could carpool to soccer to free up a little time for you to do something you’ve been meaning to get to. Alleviating little things like this can help you relax.

–  Get organized. Sometimes when our work space or home are cluttered, we can simply get organized and de-clutter to lower our stress level. If the first thing you see when you walk in the door is a big pile of bills, and you instantly start to stress, move these bills to a different location so it’s not the first thing you see. Maybe there is a home office or a workspace where these kinds of items would make more sense. Baskets are a great way to get organized and de-clutter. If there are toys all over the floor, get a basket so the cleanup is quick, easy, and simple enough that your kids can help you as well.

-Eat Healthy. A lot of times when stress seems overwhelming we will eat unhealthy and eat a lot more than we should or normally would which is oftentimes why people become overweight and turn to the HCG diet. Taking a few minutes a day to help you with healthy snacking can increase your motivation and energy, thus reducing the increased stress you might be experiencing.

– Stop and take a deep breath. Sometimes just taking a minute or 5, and concentrate on your breathing. Find a quiet area, wherever you may be, and take a few minutes to sit and really focus on your breathing. Just relax and push any other thoughts out of your head. Focus solely on breathing and taking deep, quality breaths.

– Exercise. Whether you exercise indoors or outdoors, get moving. This can help relieve stress within 30 minutes, plus you’re moving your body and burning calories with the possibility of weight lss. Get your blood moving and focus on getting any negative thoughts out of your mind. Focus on the positives while exercising. Think of how great you feel after exercising, maybe not during, but after. Exercise on the HCG diet is also a great thing to do to relieve stress.

– Create your own peaceful space. This can be anywhere whether it’s in your office, your home, outside in the yard, anywhere you feel at peace. Sometimes taking a hike in the mountains or walking on the beach will create the same tranquility.

– Unplug. Turn off all electronics about an hour before bed. This includes the TV, your phone, your tablet, or any other electronic you may use frequently. Find a different activity to do before bed. For example, you could read a book, spend quality one on one time with your spouse, or many other activities.

Stop Stress Before it Worsens

Stress is something that needs to be handled as soon as possible, before it quickly worsens into something worse. Some people experience headaches, restless nights sleep, agitation, or worse and have to be hospitalized. By taking time for you and realizing the importance of stressing less, you can become less stressed and enjoy life more.

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