The HCG Diet Is Very Specific

Some diets are used as general guide lines as to what types of foods to follow and others are specific telling you exactly what to eat. The HCG diet is one of these specific diets. According to the original protocol by Dr. Simeons he talks about following a specific diet to follow consisting of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.  The foods listed under each of the above mentioned are there for a reason. The reason being is that your body can easily breakdown and metabolize the foods, so ultimately you are spending more time burning the stored fat in the body versus trying to metabolize the foods you are eating.

Eating foods not allowed on the HCG diet can and will cause a stall. For example; broccoli is a great healthy super veggie that has about 10 g of carbohydrates per serving versus a cucumber which is allowed on the protocol but only has 4.3 g per serving. Because of the extra carbs you body takes a longer time trying to breakdown and process those extra carbs and can be stored as sugars.  The same goes for fruits and proteins. The ones listed are there for a reason, any other cuts of meat and different types of proteins are not allowed because of the fat content and the overall nutrition of the item; calories and protein content. So a rule to go by is “If it’s not on the list, don’t eat it” or “when in doubt, don’t put it in your mouth”.

Different Phases Of The HCG Diet

Maintenance also known as P3 (Phase 3) is when you are starting to add foods back in to your diet a little at a time. Again there is a protocol to follow on this phase and reintroduction of certain items too early in phase3 can result in a gain in weight. Maintenance is divided in half; the first half of P3 is adding more and new types of proteins, fruits and vegetables and the second half is adding sugars and starches a little at a time.

It’s always advised when starting a new diet protocol to follow the directions given for best results. Some people think it’s okay to modify a diet, workout regime, or supplements to fit their body and what they think will work for them but with some diet protocols, especially the HCG diet,  you may be hindering your HCG weight loss by not following the information and protocol set forth.

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