A major component of the HCG Diet is the use Stevia as a sweetener. For centuries, Stevia (a South American herb) has been used as a sweetener.  Additionally, it is a preferred HCG supplement due to it being absolutely calorie free as well as dramatically reducing food cravings for unhealthy fats and those foods containing sugar.


As with dieters on the HCG weight loss plan, the HCG resets the hypothalamus gland thereby resetting the craving/eating segment of the brain permitting the withdrawal of craving and subsequently weight loss to occur.  Ongoing laboratory research points to possibly being a defect between the hypothalamus and the stomach to many who are unable or constantly struggle with being overweight.  This situation fails to give the individual the full feeling which essentially causes them to overeat. By adding Stevia into the HCG mix,  additional loss is real and sustainable on the HCG weight loss program.


To appeal to all tastes, Stevia is available in Cinnamon, Root Beer, English Toffee, Peppermint, Vanilla Creme, and a variety of chocolate enhanced flavors.  With such a variety, we are confident that any HCG dieter will find to suit their unique taste. Stevia can be added to specific herbal teas proscribed on the HCG diet protocol as well as to function as another source to facilitate your HCG weight loss progress.

Stevia is extracted from the leaves of a green stevia rebaudiana plant. It has been stated that it is significantly than cane sugar, some estimates claim up to 30 times higher. Furthermore, aside from its HCG weight loss benefits, Stevia is a positive force in fighting diabetes as well as breast cancer. Studies strongly suggest that Stevia can remedy this situation. In essence, Stevia can make the entire HCG program easier and lead to a healthier you.

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