HCG Diet - Real HCG ingredient information

Real HCG Ingredient Information

What Exactly Is Real HCG?

Real HCG Diet has been on the market since the 1950’s, over 60 years of successful use, since Dr. Simeons introduced this renowned diet protocol to the world. With use over many decades the product keeps growing in popularity! As of the last 5 years it has been in its peak of popularity. Due to the popularity this draws not only good attention but bad as well.

There will be many companies that offer a great high quality product, but there will also be the companies who are just trying to get a buck. They will offer diluted or even fake product just to be a part of the raising trend in natural weight loss. You must keep an eye out for these companies and know exactly what Real HCG is so you buy only the best.

Real HCG Purchasing Tips

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (1), it is an all natural hormone made by the human body. The hormone is used by your body to release fat. When this hormone is used along with the specific protocol, created by the one and only Dr. Simeons, you will see an average loss of 1/2 to 2 pounds a day! This loss is only possible when you use a good quality product. You want to assure that the company purchase from offers a real HCG hormone. It should not be fake or full of fillers and stimulants to give a diet effect. The diet is only safe when actual HCG hormone is used along with diet protocol.

When shopping for your  Real HCG, do your research. Call and speak to company, ask many questions and know what you are talking about. The HCG should contain no more than 5 ingredients. The first ingredient should be HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) You need 150 IUs per day to give the wonderful effects you hear about. Next you will see three amino acids, amino acids are proteins that assist with body function. The three amino acids will assist with hunger and fatigue that can occur in the beginning of the diet when you are making changes to your foods. The last ingredient will be a preservative, commonly 20% USP grade alcohol. The HCG is a live active hormone and needs to be preserved so it stays useful. If these simple rules are followed when purchasing you will find yourself with a great real HCG product and an even better weight loss!

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