hcg diet weight loss results

R1P2D1 Did I do that right? [Jodi’s HCG Journey]
R1P2D1, did I do that right? LOL!
My goal is to lose 100 pounds, retrain my mind and body, and keep it off. I want to be a happy and healthy mother for my three boys and a happy and beautiful wife for my husband. Most of all, I want to be all of that for MYSELF!

Two days of eating anything I want? Bring it on! Or at least that’s how I felt before I stepped on the scale and took the pics. Somehow, I lost my appetite after that. Is that really what I look like? Dang. (My 5 year old took the pictures for me, so forgive the blurriness and slanted angles etc. as I go through this. Really, for being 5, I thought he did a nice job.)

Well, here’s to a better me! Here’s to never having to secretly cry after someone makes an insensitive comment.
For example, this just happened yesterday: Neighbor lady (Sue), hubby, and I were outside talking discussing our pending move to Phoenix. She told us how we were going to hate the summers there (she knows everything) because of the heat. My hubby remarks that he’ll love it because the [tiny little bit] of weight he has to lose will melt off. (Yeah, it really works for him like that!) Sue pats me on the stomach and says, “Well I can see where it all goes.”

Oh boy. I have a long way to go!

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