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Maintenance Phase Begins [Jennifer’s HCG Journey]

Saturday,  March 12, 2011  Weight:   Loss 0.2       R1P2D29  Third and Final day of no drops!

My last day of weaning, I’m beyond excited.  I can’t wait to toss the rubber gloves aside.  I went grocery shopping with my family.  I picked up more protein, some block cheese, some seasonings to make my own turkey sausage and some half & half!  I took another detox bath and still patiently waiting for a BM!


Sunday, March 13, 2011   LDW:  Under 0.6   R1P3D1

Today was my first day of Phase 3 and I’m sitting at 0.6 under my LW.  I started experimenting in the kitchen with some recipes and it just wasn’t my day, I couldn’t get things to turn out.  I tried making the Oopsie Rolls, that was a disaster.  For some reason my whites were never “stiff”.  I did make my own turkey sausage recipe that I found through a member and to my surprise that was delicious.  I grilled a few turkey patties in the George Foreman Grill and shortly after I was in the bathroom.  Needless to say, 5 or 6 days without a BM was definitely made up for in a short period of time.  The sausage did not agree with me.  In fact, anything I tried didn’t and I was immediately in the bathroom.  I nervous about the scale tomorrow because I just couldn’t get myself to eat when my stomach was feeling so rough.  I did drink enough water but I know I didn’t eat the right amount of protein, etc.  I pray it doesn’t hurt the scale in the morning.


Monday, March 14, 2011   LDW:  ABOVE 1.4    R1P3D2

Well the scale is not my friend, it is but I can see where stabilizing plays head games.  I feel like I’m walking the plank and teetering on a balance beam.  I woke up this morning and I am 1.4 lbs above my LDW.  I know it’s still not over 2 but this is scary.  Today I am going to try and eat my protein whether it makes me head to the bathroom or not.  I haven’t cooked in oil and the food still effects me this way.  DISLIKE!  I hope things balance out, I don’t want to do a steak day so soon.  What am I doing, I’m stressing myself out and that can’t be good either.  Deep Breaths, I can do this!  On a side note I just measured myself and I have lost over 18.8 inches!!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011  LDW:  ABOVE 2.4  R1P3D3

Well I woke up and saw that I was 2.4 lbs over my LDW which means steak day today!!!  Ugh, I’m new at P3 and it’s already been a struggle.  I made my own turkey sausage from a recipe but cut that after the first day per Linda’s suggestion.  I ate very lean yesterday but I’m thinking I didn’t eat enough protein.  I tried too, I know the first day on phase three was a struggle to eat and I didn’t eat enough protein; yesterday I tried too but I still think I was guilty of not enough.    I just finished reading P & I regarding a steak day and didn’t see a whole lot on it.  It says to drink enough all day so I’m assuming I am allowed some coffee.   Today is going to be a long day.  I’ve got to get rid of this stress because I know it’s not helping me on the scale…I’m only human.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011  LDW: +0.6 Over (Lost 1.8)  R1P3D4

Well I woke up this morning and found that the steak day did help!  I’m feeling quite a bit of relief.  I wasn’t sure if I should just stick to eating lean, unprocessed protein throughout the day or do the steak day this early into Phase 3.  Thankfully, my decision to do a steak day helped me on the scale this morning, I lost 1.8 lbs.  I’m still above my LDW by 0.6 lbs but I planning on having lean protein and some veggies/fruit today so hopefully that helps.  I’m staying away from dairy and nuts for a few more days and just going to focus on protein.  It’s so hard eating regular meals and snacks after the 500 calorie diet but I’m going to push myself because I truly believe that part of my weight gain was from protein deprivation.  I didn’t eat enough protein!  Yes I did try a few nuts and I’m sure that didn’t help…either way I’m heading back to the basics for a few days.  One thing I can’t forget to mention the support from the discussion group on facebook sure helped me yesterday morning after I saw the scale!  I LOVE my HCG Family!!!

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