hcg diet weight loss

Maintenance Day 15 HCG

2 Weeks! I made it. It has been quite a while since I last posted and I figured I didn’t need to post every day since I am trying to maintain. I did have a birthday party this past weekend for my niece who turned 2. I made her a castle cake and yes I had a piece but I only had a small piece and figured if I needed to do a steak day from it then so be it. I have been slowly adding things in and I am happy to report I have not needed a steak day since I started maintenance. I notice that if I am gaining (like I have been .5 every day for the past few days) I needed to change my evening snack and watch my calories more. I love going for walks with my son but I have noticed also that when I go for a walk, I have to make sure and eat more calories than my normal day or I loose too much weight. Yesterday was the first day I got close to having a steak day. I reached 1.5 lbs over my LDW so I just had lots of lean meats and less cheese and less fat. I do find myself wanting to get into my old habits of constantly eating in the evening, even if they are small things. I have since changed that, I only allow myself 2 small snacks and I have to have at least 30 min between each of them and I have to have at least 2 hrs till bed. I know I keep saying but, I cannot wait till I can go back to the gym and start working on toning and loosing more weight. I cannot do another round until September so I am going to try to loose as much as I can while toning up at the same time by working out and doing lap swimming.

I also look forward to having more carbs and just the ability to have the occasional fast food or dinner out with family w/o having to worry too much about if I will show too big of a gain. All in all I am pretty pleased and look forward to my “summer of fun” with all the things we have planned. It is a big summer. My son turns 1 in June, I turn 30 in July, we are going to a ghost town celebration that happens every year, a trip to Minnesota for a family wedding and then a trip to Seattle for a music festival. Big, big summer but I am so ready. Just remember, you are your own person and you have to see what works best for you. As long as you pay attention to what you eat, keep a food journal, document your weight and measurements even on maintenance then you can easily find what works, it may be different from the next person but at least you know what your body can and cannot handle. And as always, everyday is a new day.

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