HCG Diet - HCG Loading Days: What you should eat.

What is the Need for Loading Days?

The loading days serve 3 purposes. First it takes those two days for the HCG to build up in your system and start working. If you tried to eat only 500 calories you would be starving! Secondly it helps to get through the hardest part of the diet, which are the first couple low calorie count days as your body adjusts. If you ate so much on loading days that you can’t stand the sight of food, you won’t have a problem sticking to 500 calories on the hardest part of the diet. And most importantly the loading days helps to reestablish a normal reserve of structural fat, which is needed to do well on the HCG diet.

Wake up the first day. Relieve yourself, strip naked and weigh yourself – this is your starting weight. Weighing yourself in this manner every day ensures you get your most accurate weight because it removes other variables that may interfere with the scale, such as clothes.

Take your drops while loading so the HCG can build up in your system: Looking in a mirror drop 6 individual DROPS under your tongue.  The HCG drops would be similar in size to what would fall into the kitchen sink after turning off the faucet. Hold the drops under your tongue a minimum of 15 seconds. You may find your appetite quickly leaves. Do not go by your appetite when loading. Your responsibility is to stay full of the following food for 2 complete days. You will not be hungry and will probably be very uncomfortable. Please do this when you don’t have to work as it may cause you to feel unwell – almost like you are coming down with a flu. This is normal, so try not to worry. Your body will be detoxing during this time, causing a slight headache (take Aspirin for this) and possible nausea and as stated earlier like you are getting the flu.

For two full days (do not start on a partial day) eat to capacity as much fatty food as you can.  Choose from the following foods:

 Loading Days Food Ideas

  • Real Butter (not margarine) soaked everything
  • Bacon, fried eggs and sausage
  • Deep-fried everything
  • Heavy whipping cream (great in coffee and whipped or topped on cheesecake and ice cream)
Half and half milk
  • Mayonnaise
Pizza with extra pepperoni, sausage and cheese
  • Chocolate 
ice cream
Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Cheesecake
Peanut butter
  • Any nuts

Avoid carbohydrates like bread, cookies, rice etc. You want fat while you load, not carbs.

  When you are thirsty drink milk or heavy cream. Try not to fill up on water or soda as it is a waste of space in your stomach.

  Also, during these two days, put as much lotion on as you can. Really drench your body with lotion or oil. This will be your one chance to moisturize your body because protocol will not allow lotions containing oils once you start the low calorie diet.  

On the beginning of the third day switch to the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). Beginning on day 3 throughout the rest of the protocol drink a minimum of 2 liters of water. The general rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day.

 Loading Days Summary

As mentioned above, plan to do loading days on a weekend where you have two full days to devote to food.  Loading is great to do while on the last two days of a vacation, or over the holidays or during a party where you plan on eating a lot anyways.  Don’t worry about gaining weight during this time. Any weight gained due to loading will come off quickly and then you will continue to lose faster than you would have lost if you tried to diet with HCG without loading days first.

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