hcg weight loss

LDW: -0.4 Under (Lost 1.0) R1P3D5 [Jennifer’s HCG Journey]

This morning on the scale was a pleasant surprise, I lost 1.0 lb and I’m under my LDW by 0.4.  This is what I ate yesterday.  Breakfast:  2 egg whites scrambled with green bell pepper & onion.  Snack:  3 oz of chicken.  Lunch:  6 oz chicken, lettuce & 1 tbsp of homemade ranch dressing.  Snack:  1 apple.  Dinner:  an entire chicken, lettuce, fresh broccoli & 1 tbsp of homemade ranch dressing.  I drank a ton of water and before bed had some hot water with lemon.  I never felt hungry and actually had to force myself to eat the entire chicken breast.


I feel great and can tell by the way my clothes are fitting that I have lost more in inches.  I haven’t measured since I only measure once a week but I’m anxious to see what happens on Monday when I measure again.

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