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Keeping Track of Your Weight Loss

Dieters on the HCG Diet are often encouraged to keep track of their weight loss or gain in writing. This provides them with a clear record of their eating, their activity and their progress towards their weight loss goals.

Many dieters have proven this theory advantageous. With the current online craze there are additional opportunities when it comes to keeping track of weight loss progress. Many dieters are not keeping a written diary. They don’t just jot down their meals and serving sizes as they eat throughout the day on notepad taped to their refrigerator door.

This type of written record is still effective and some still use it. But more and more are accessing online methods of recording their progress as they navigate diets. Homeopathic HCG dieting and other diets that take advantge of homeopathic oral HCG drops are among the most popular on the market. And a large portion of homeopathic HCG dieters find that online weight loss records are beneficial and encouraging.

Online Weight Tracking

Online records provide the same benefits of a personal meal diary. Dieters record their meals, their serving sizes, etc. as they go throughout the day. In addition they can easily keep track of weight loss or gain on a day to day basis. Many are taking advantage of the ease of online records to incorporate photographic records and even video records of their progress.

Weight Loss Encouragement

Methods for online recording of dieting progress include the traditional blogs. They also include a wide variety of dieting forums. Others are turning to Twitter and Facebook. Social media sites not only provide for the record keeping, but they also offer unique benefits. Dieters are able to access an almost endless support group.

Hearing encouragement from like minded individuals is the only reason some dieters are able to stick to the plan and actually lose weight. They are able to access real time updates from fellow dieters who are struggling with the same things they are on a day to day basis. They are able to share tips and concerns, recipes and favorite food combinations. It is making a drastic difference in the number of individuals capable of sticking to a weight loss program and succeeding.

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