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Keeping on! [Belina’s HCG Journey]

Hello happy losers! = )
Its day 30 for me ! and I’m down 18.6 pounds!

I am kinda disappointed , but i do have to take into consideration ,i had a major gain on day 24 ,3.8 pounds! and it has taken me the last week to get it back down. I didn’t cheat ! but i was working at the most labor intensive part of my job,which is grouting ,12 hour days and many many trips up and down 3 flights of stairs .

So i figure ,ill just keep on keeping on ,and keep going, i didn’t give up ! which i definitely thought of , I was so upset when that scale went up that much , but i just figured it will go down again ,and it did 1 maybe i should have done a Apple day ,which is eating an Apple every 2-3 hours and TONS of water . I think i might do that this week ,the scale was up .2 this A.M. but i know i didn’t drink enough water yesterday ,we have the kids here this weekend and ran out of our drinking water .Hubby went and got some this morning so I will be upping my intake today!

The kids have become so interested in this new healthy eating ,My step daughter ,wants fruit not sugar snacks now,She gets VERY hyper when she has sugar!It also helps that i have explained how bad sugar is ,and the fact ,that one can of regular pop, has 15 teaspoons of sugar in it . Sugar use is extremely minimal in this house. They had pancakes yesterday and were using up the rest of the aunt Jemima syrup ,until we can get the real maple syrup ,so they got a lesson on glucose and fructose! Now the would rather have puree fruit on their pancakes ! Bye Bye Aunt Jamima!!LOL
My step son has sworn off Macdonald’s! because the food is just soooo unhealthy! I think its a great thing that my being on YourHCG is not only making me lose weight but allowing me too teach my family a healthier way of eating . Thank you YourHCG !!

Planning on doing my measurements again soon, and i think I’m going to increase the ACV cocktail to twice a day not just every once in awhile! want t see if it makes a difference !
This program makes you get in touch with your body,Its the best thing i have ever done for me!

Till next time folks, hope things are well in your world!
Keep on Keeping On!!

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