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Keep on keeping on! [Belina’s HCG Journey]

Well,lets see, its been an interesting few days,Ive been working with my husband on a construction site ,he is a Tile setter we have a contracting business so i was doing some grouting and labouring ,Man am i outta shape!! LOL 3 flights of stairs to go up and down anytime i needed to go the bathroom (porta Potties) or go for a smoke (yes i know its bad for me,thats my next vice after the weight thing! ) lol by the 4th time up i hought my legs were made of 100lb weights..haha  ,but surprisingly my legs were not sore today!!
I have  been reading on the discussion boards and I feel I need to mention something, Do not get caught up in COMPARING your weight loss with others! Every body is different ,we all have different lives,different stresses ,yes  friendly competion can be a good motivater ,but if your losses are slower  it might make you feel let down ,or dissapointed .   i know because i felt that while comparing myself .
Be proud of the steps you have taken ,the choice to become healthy ,to embrace a new lifestyle cannot be taken lightly. Its probally the most diffucult and disaplined thing I have ever done in my life ! and im Loving it now! Its day 22 today and im at 208.8 pounds thats  17  pounds of butter gone! in less then a month! i dont know ANY OTHER system That can give me that kind of results!!  most say an average of 2-3 ponds a week is the healthy way to lose and not put it back on plus some Well those 17 lbs would have taken me over 2 months! so im good with the results im getting! Be proud of yours!!
We have the kids this weekend ,(every second weekend we get them ) so its been a lot of cooking ,Not tasting what i cook has been my biggest challenge ,i cooked professionally for years,but i am becoming very good with judging by smell,thank goodness i have a great sense of smell..lol
i prepare their meals then mine and we all eat together at the table. I believe in families eating together .
Im almost at my 20 lb loss mark ,and then i get a hairdressers appointment.. MY husband gives me these perks at every goal! I am blessed with such a supportive partner,without him cheering me on and keeping me laughing  it would have been alot mor difficult  ! its great to have a cheering section. !!
But if ypou dont have that ,reach out to the support line at yourhcg,com ,the discussion boards are a amazing source of support .I have made many friends so far through the Facebook page!
Hubby is taking some pics of me tonight ,so i will post the progress pics shortly.
well, must go play with the rugrats lol
Take care of taking care of YOU!

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