HCG diet drops weight loss motivation

Good day all,

I Cheated yesterday!
I had 2 slices of fresh bread and butter!!!! I couldnt resist!! I gave in!  My first cheat in 2 weeks! And the scale this morning was 213. Up 1 pound!
I knew it would be, and I’m not going to beat myself up about it. It’s kinda weird I didn’t cheat with sweets or candy or sugar, Bread and Butter. Let me tell you, Butter has NEVER tasted so good! This diet has cleansed my taste buds! Next time butter shall pass these lips will be in Phase 4! Im back on track now!
I believe the whole measurement thing frustrated me and I was feeling very discouraged, my proper measurements aren’t even close to what I thought they were, well the hips and thighs one anyways. So I’m confessing my sin, and now it’s onwards and downwards(the scale i mean) lol .
Its funny i actually am proud of myself,i didnt completley binge,just 2 pieces of bread and butter . so yes i think i did great as far a cheat goes. I have always been an emoitional eater ,I would eat ,wheither i was hungry or not ,depending on my mood. so im still doing great ,one pound up and now  Im refreshed and will work at it even harder .
Im sure the scale will not be friend for the next little while ,but thats ok ,im still doing great .
So no its not the end of the world ,nor the end of my journey ,just a slight bump in the road.
Till next time folks
Keep On Keeping On!!

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