HCG Diet - How to lose the most weight with the HCG diet

How To Lose The Most Weight With The HCG Diet

Weight loss is not consistent with the HCG diet – some days you will lose more, some days less.  You may not lose at all occasionally and possibly gain now and then.  However in 30 days you should lose between  15 to 60 lbs.  The weight loss is determined, not only by following the recommended HCG diet plan, but also by how many calories your body requires to function normally.  The more calories your body requires to function normally, the more calories your body will take from your excess fat (which is being unlocked by the HCG diet for use) the more weight you will lose.  Women burn an average  of 1500 to 2500 calories per day and men burn 2500 to 4500 calories a day,  roughly 500 calories will be coming from the food you are eating and the rest from your excess/abnormal fat which is why men lose twice as quickly as women do with the HCG diet because they pull more calories from their excess fat.

 HCG Diet Weight Loss Maximizer Tips

*Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water every day unless that amount is less than 68 (never drink fewer than 68 ounces in a day)

*Limit coffee to 1-2 cups a day

*Check ingredients in tea- make sure there are no sugars (anything ending in “ose), fruits or roots etc..

*Eat Shrimp and London broil once a week (it’s good for you to eat occasionally but no more than once a week and never eat both beef and shrimp on the same day)

*Eat mostly chicken and fish (there is a list of fish on the members only blog- do not eat tuna)

* Do not eat asparagus and tomatoes more than every 3-4 days and never eat them on the same day

* Limit strawberries to only twice a week (too many can cause a stall)

*Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice daily (ACV Cocktail)

*Drink 1-2 cups of green tea every day

*Leave out your melba toast (can also skip one fruit a day- but never skip your protein or vegetables)

*Take a brisk walk for an hour 3-4 days a week

*Take 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day (ACV cocktail, or add it to veggies, or mix into water)

*Use the juice of up to one lemon per day (on foods, in water or in ACV cocktail)

*Grapefruit is a great natural fat burner (only eat 1/2 at a time- even if it is a small grapefruit)

*Never eat more than one apple in a single day

*Variety is key- always try to rotate proteins, vegetables and fruits, not only from lunch to dinner but also day to day

*Do not eat within 3 hours of going to bed

*Stay away from over the counter medications (only aspirin is allowed)

*Use products found on the Safe Product List only (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, lotion etc…)

*Wear gloves in food preparation or when handling products that may contain oils

*Take advantage of the recipes provided in the members only blog- it will help you keep from getting bored with your choices


Here is the recipe for the ACV Cocktail that is recommended to maximize weight loss on the HCG diet (twice daily)

2 Tablespoons Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother’s milk – it is what causes the cloudy substance in the ACV)

1/2 juiced lemon (1 lemon is allowed per day for seasonings etc)

1/8 cup water

liquid Stevia to taste.

HCG Diet Weight Loss Reminder

‪Remember that following the HCG Diet (and the above tips) will maximize your weight loss- but it will maximize it for your body’s highest potential- not necessarily the maximum of what all dieters experience- it changes from person to person depending on individual needs.

What tips do you have to maximize weight loss on the HCG diet?

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