HCG Tips - How To Eat Healthy When Dining Out

How to Eat Healthy When Dining Out

Eat Healthy When Dining Out After Weight Loss

Dieting with HCG drops will reset your hypothalamus, which is the part of your brain that controls your metabolism. Then you can follow the recommended maintenance which will allow you to lock in your new weight set point, making it harder to gain back the weight which you have lost.  However, if you make unhealthy decisions after maintenance, you can put weight back on and push your new lower weight set point higher and higher. Just as unhealthy eating habits caused you to gain weight originally, those same unhealthy eating habits can cause weight gain again.

A major factor in unhealthy eating is dining out. You can learn to eat healthy even when dining at your favorite restaurants.  Many restaurants indicate which entrees are the healthier choice, however even if they do not that does not mean you can’t make simple changes that will cut calories and help manage your weight. A few examples would include asking for grilled chicken in place of breaded chicken, fresh fruit instead of french fries, cut out the cheese on your sandwich or salad, ask for salad dressing on the side, and choose water instead of soda, remember there are a lot of dangers with diet soda as well. It is also important to ask what is in the recipe as well, sometimes it might seem healthy but there are a lot of unhealthy added ingredients.

Other things you must practice when eating out is to stop eating when you are full even if it tastes good. You can always take the left overs home for later.  It is better to have several small meals throughout the day than a few large meals.  Lastly, another thing to remember when eating out is to take your time eating. If you eat to quickly, it is harder to recognize when you are full.

Eat Healthy When Dining Out To Maintain

Practicing these tips will help strengthen your will power and will help train yourself to make healthy choices so it becomes second nature. You do not have to avoid restaurants to maintain your new weight, you just have to dine smart when you dine out.

What are some of your favorite foods to eat healthy at a restaurant?

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