HCG Diet - Foods that are in Season

How To Eat Foods That Are in Season

What does it mean to eat seasonally? This is a healthier and environmentally friendly way to eat on and off of the HCG diet.  It means that you are eating fruits, veggies, protein and organic foods that are ‘in season’.

Healthy Foods That Are in Season

For example, in the spring you will want to eat more leafy greens. In the summer, you’ll want to eat more cooling foods like strawberries, broccoli, and corn. Once fall arrives, you’ll want to focus on eating root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions. And in the winter, when fresh product may be scarce, you will continue to focus on root vegetables and also animal proteins.

Eating foods that are in season may sound overwhelming, but if you take on one season at a time, you’ll have covered all four seasons at a slow pace where you feel comfortable. Eating seasonally can also be more cost effective, in addition to helping you achieve and maintain weight loss goals. Foods that are in season will travel less because the crops will be closer to your location, meaning that fuel surcharges will be less. This also helps the environment. When purchasing foods that aren’t in season, they will have to travel further because they may be in season in different parts of the country or the world. Another way to eat seasonally is to shop at Farmer’s Markets or use your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). These two ways will provide local, seasonal food at a lower cost than if you were to buy them at a grocery store.  It is also recommended to come up with a shopping list before heading to the grocery store.

Add Variety to Foods That Are in Season

If you are looking to add in more variety into your diet, eating seasonally is the way to go. It allows you to focus on foods that are at their peak, rather than eating the same food over and over again. In the summer, potatoes are not in season, so rather than a potato salad, try making a side dish that contains corn and broccoli since both will be at their peak in the summer months. Keep in mind that while taking the HCG drops, you have to be cautious of what foods are allowed in each season. Another positive side effect of eating seasonally, is that your food will be more nutritious. The foods picked at their peak and purchased fresh, will contain more nutrients than items that had be transported 1000+ miles to your location, or even frozen to ensure freshness. Eating foods that are in season is a great way to get the most out of our food’s nutrients, it helps the environment, and can help you save money long term.

What are your favorite foods that are in season?

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