HCG Scam - How To Avoid An HCG Scam

How to Avoid a HCG Scam

We all at some time or another wanted to diet and trim back the waist line a bit. We have heard the reviews for this weight loss product that provides fast and efficient results, but is it true? Many people want to try the HCG diet after hearing and seeing wonderful results in their own family and friends. If you do not know what you are looking for you may get scammed. You may purchase a product that is artificial only because you are unfamiliar with the product and what makes it effective.

Tips to Prevent a HCG Scam From Happening to You

When looking to avoid a HCG scam start with credible sources, assure your information is accurate and up to date. The diet has been around since the 1950s, created by Dr. Simeons. There have not been any notable changes made to the diet portion but the method of receiving the HCG has changed quite a bit. There are two different forms of HCG on the market currently; the actual HCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin) is getting hard to find on the market as the FDA is urging to have the product removed. When seeking this form you must assure there are no fillers, additives, binders or stimulants. The product should only contain 3 items, HCG, amino acids and a preservative such as alcohol to preserve the live hormone. The next is the hormone free version; again there should be no fillers, additives or stimulants. This product is a compound of specific amino acids to trigger the release of your bodies own HCG from your pituitary gland.

Both products are just as effective as the other as long as the quality is behind the product. In order to prevent a HCG scam and assure the company and product will work for you; you want to make sure they are upstanding.

To Avoid a HCG Scam Make Sure the Product Contains the Following

  • Assure the laboratory is monitored by the FDA to ensure that it exceeds Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) standards.
  • Make sure the hormone free version is certified with hPUS.
  • Customer service and free support during and after the diet is offered.
  • HCG Money back guarantee
  • HCG diet protocol information should be provided for you to assure you succeed.
  • The product needs to be made in the USA

When you decide the HCG diet is right for you please be sure to use this advice when preparing for your purchase. This small list will help keep from running into bad companies and products and possibly getting scammed. The list will also help you purchase a great product so you can be your own success story with a dramatic and long term weight loss.

What tips do you have to avoid a HCG scam?

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